Matt Watkajtys


Denver City Council Core District 10

Downtown is not an afterthought.

Beautiful, safe, and thriving cities are built with love, determination, and innovation.

Denver's Core District 10 is a thriving hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. It's a vibrant community of creators, change markers, innovators, artists, and dreamers.

District 10 is a new district which encompasses the entirety of the urban economic core that is Denver.

A New Leader for a Changing City

COVID-19 changed our world. It changed our cities. We have to react just as quickly.

Leadership in this post-pandemic era needs to be decisive and fast-acting. Denver doesn't have the luxury of operating at the speed of government, it needs to operate at the speed of a startup.

Meet Matt

Matt Watkajtys is a former technology executive. His entire career he worked with products that started as an idea.
A vision in the head of a CEO.
He helped usher those ideas to execution.

Matt made a decision to run for city council after coming to the unfortunate realization that Downtown Denver & Adjacent would, again, be forgotten amidst the single most important election cycle Denver has ever had.

Matt has been a renter in the Golden Triangle for six years after leaving Battery Park City in New York City for new adventures in a faraway land.

All was well until COVID.

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